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A Comprehensive Approach to Immediate maxillary and mandibular dentures at the Dental Walk-in Clinic

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In the realm of dental care, advanced periodontal disease can lead to the loss of natural teeth, impacting both oral health and aesthetics. This article explores a case where a patient presented with failing dentition due to advanced periodontal disease, seeking a comprehensive solution for full-mouth rehabilitation.


Case Analysis and Planning

Upon the patient’s arrival at Dental Walk-in Clinic, a thorough examination was conducted, involving the capture of essential diagnostic data. High-quality photographs, a facial scan, radiographs, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), and impressions were taken to provide a comprehensive view of the patient’s oral condition. All data were meticulously entered into Exocad software for alignment and case analysis.

Treatment Plan:

Following a detailed analysis, the dental team at Dental Walk-in Clinic proposed a treatment plan that included alveoloplasty to enhance both esthetics and denture fit. The patient readily accepted the proposed plan, and an appointment was scheduled for the procedure.

Digital Design and 3D Printing:

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the team employed 3Shape software to design a bone reduction guide and maxillary and mandibular dentures. The teeth were 3D printed using Asiga Max (Dentca resin), while the base was crafted with Sprintray (PrintoDent resin). This innovative approach allowed for precise customization tailored to the patient’s unique anatomy.

Efficient Treatment Timeline:

Remarkably, this comprehensive rehabilitation at Dental Walk-in Clinic required only two appointments. The initial consultation and data collection were seamlessly integrated into the first visit, while the second appointment involved the surgical procedure and immediate denture delivery.

Surgery and Denture Delivery:

During the surgery, a surgical guide was strategically placed to guide the bone reduction process with a meticulous approach to tissue preservation. The dentures were delivered with careful adjustments to ensure optimal occlusion and comfort for the patient.

The Joyful Outcome:

The most rewarding aspect of this case was witnessing the patient’s joy post-surgery. The immediate dentures not only restored functionality but also brought a radiant smile to the patient’s face. Grateful for the transformative care received at Dental Walk-in Clinic, the patient expressed heartfelt thanks to the dental team for giving her back the confidence to smile.


This case exemplifies the successful synergy of advanced diagnostics, digital technology, and skilled dentistry in achieving full mouth rehabilitation. The use of digital tools not only streamlined the process but also contributed to a positive and life-changing outcome for the patient

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