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A Digital Approach to Full Mouth Restoration

Enhancing Practice Efficiency and Patient Convenience at the Dental Walk-in Clinic

This dental article delves into a case where a patient urgently sought assistance for excruciating pain in tooth #25. The diagnosis revealed advanced dental caries, periodontal disease, and an ill-fitting maxillary denture of over 10 years. The patient was keen on restoring both function and aesthetics, leading to a comprehensive treatment plan involving a lower prosthesis supported by implants and new maxillary dentures.

Digital Case Analysis and Treatment Planning:

Recognizing the urgency, a swift decision was made to proceed with a lower prosthesis supported by implants and new maxillary dentures. Precision was ensured through diagnostic tools like photographs, face scans, CT scans, impressions, and radiographs, which were analyzed comprehensively using Exocad software.

Implant Placement and Prosthesis Design:

After a meticulous analysis using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), the optimal positions for four mandibular implants were determined. Prosthetic planning ensued with Exocad for the design of both maxillary and mandibular prostheses. Files were seamlessly transferred to 3Shape for the creation of a bone reduction guide and surgical guide, facilitating precise implant placement.

Efficient Surgery and Post-Operative Care:

The surgical procedure, aiming for conservative yet effective results, was successful. Records taken during surgery facilitated the fabrication of the mandibular FP3 through a digital workflow. The patient reported minimal discomfort, and the lower prosthesis exhibited a passive fit with no adjustments needed.

Satisfactory Outcome and Patient Satisfaction:

Spanning three appointments, the case included the initial consultation and data collection, the surgical appointment for extractions, implant placement, and maxillary denture delivery, and the final appointment for the delivery of the mandibular FP3. Witnessing the patient’s postoperative smile, initially hesitant but now confident, was the most rewarding aspect for the entire dental team.


This case illustrates the transformative power of digital dentistry in addressing complex dental issues. Through seamless integration of technology and skilled clinical expertise, the patient’s urgent needs were met, resulting in a satisfying smile. For similar dental solutions, consider the convenience and expertise of the Dental Walk-in Clinic—a reliable partner in digital dentistry and patient care.

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