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Beautiful Affordable Dentures

Beautiful dentures are a work of art. A beautiful piece of art requires skilled artists that are passionate about their work. The DWIC team has over 20 years of experience creating beautiful dentures.

We understand that every patient and their smile is unique. Our investment in advanced techniques and technology enables our team of artists to offer you a personalized state of the art approach to create your beautiful dentures

We fabricate digital dentures. A digital denture is a prosthetic dental device created using computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. It involves digitally scanning the patient’s oral structures and facial features to create a precise 3D model of the patient, which is then used to design and fabricate the denture. This method can enhance accuracy and efficiency in the denture-making process compared to traditional methods.

When fabricated our digital dentures are either 3D Printed or milled using computer aided milling (CAM) technology at our onsite state of the art digital laboratory.

Milled digital dentures are considerably stronger and more stable than a conventional denture, increasing the value of your investment.

We also offer many affordable dental implant options that will improve your ability to eat and talk with your dentures. We also have affordable implant options that can replace missing teeth or the need for dentures.

We offer convenient consultations with or artist so that you can learn more about our beautiful dentures. Visit our studio today and experience the difference.

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