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Margarita Tellez 

Margarita Tellez 

Clinical Director/ Clinical Technologist

Meet Margarita Tellez

Margarita is a dedicated clinical technologist at DWIC with a fervent passion for the convergence of dentistry and technology. Her commitment to remaining at the forefront of these fields is evident in her daily pursuit of advanced techniques and technologies, shaping efficient workflows that she imparts to her team and others.

Recognizing the pivotal role of dental education, Margarita has amassed hundreds of hours of continuing education across various dental disciplines. A 2013 graduate as a general dentist from Zoilo Marinello Vidaurreta University in Cuba, she practiced in Ecuador in general dentistry and orthodontics before joining DWIC in 2016.

At DWIC, Margarita leads all learning initiatives and spearheads innovation within the organization. Recently, she earned her master’s in business administration from MRU University, further enriching her leadership skill set and contributing to her role as a dynamic leader in the dental and technological realms.

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